Mar 6, 2014

On the Value of Writing, Presenting and Coding

After I did my undergrad in electrical engineering, I was working a couple of years in hardware and software industries. I decided to continue my studies in the area of computer science. I experienced lots of interesting things during my studies and work. I want to share some of them with you:

If you don't write and present yourself in effective way, you don't exist!

I got that good writing and presentations are very important factors in success in your career and life, but why? First of all as many of you knows these are basic skills that you need to communicate with others. The second things is that writing makes you Smarter! Yes Smarter! but why?
This is an interesting fact that I got during my studies in computer science. It could be simply explained as the computational power of Finite State Machines/Automata (FSM), and Turing Machine (TM). TM writes while FSM does not! It could be easily proved that TM is Stronger (It's not the exact scientific term but I want to give you a sense!). This motivated me to continue my writing after graduation and I chose blogging and Slideshare as one of my main and effective tools and medias for writing and presenting.

If you don't code you don't do research and development!

I have a feeling that the scientific research and development will change ( and are changing now! ) from Papers to Executable Demo/Pilot Codes. Now there are lots of high level Domain Specific Languages (DSLs like R, Matlab, SQL, ...) and libraries that could translate concepts and ideas efficiently from different research domains  into executable codes. The future scientific journals will contain brief writing about idea and its related detailed documented codes. I believe this is the future trend in research and development. If you don't code you don't do research!

Cloud Computing: A Framework for Software Systems Mass Production!

Finally, my last word is about Cloud Computing, the dream that comes finally true. We are in the era that I want to compare it when Gutenberg introduces mass communication and printing. Gutenberg's invention revolutionized human history. Now we are in the era in which a small number of people could code and affect human society in large and this is because of cloud computing. This will provide and open new opportunities for entrepreneurs!


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